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CyberLock is a revolutionary electronic key-centric locking system designed to track and control access.   Click here to learn more.
MAST Security Technologies has a unique background that our company has developed from 50+ years of combined experience in the door hardware industry. Our company owners have all come from a door or door hardware background and have learned about access control through real world applications. We have discovered over the years there is little or no coordination between the electrical contractor, the hardware consultant, the access control contractor and the installers of all of these trades. Our solution integrates each of these fields to make the construction process much smoother for the Customer, General Contractor and the Architect.

We achieve this goal by starting with the customer and showing them new technology through actual hands on sales calls, installation training classes, and software training. MAST also employs two specification writers that work with owners and architects regularly. The specification writers will sit down with each of these people and discuss their applications and design a system around those needs. Once the system is designed, our sales team will start discussing the specifics of the system with the General Contractor to help with the coordination at the jobsite. The most valuable benefit that we offer is over fifteen years of experience in the installation and service of everything we sell.

MAST Security Technologies is committed to servicing our customers with the latest technology. We are constantly looking for new products in the access control and CCTV fields. Please contact us with any questions.